Wind Energy

Site-specific wind evaluation; power transmission access; environmental constraints; NEPA documentation; use of Federal Lands; transportation access: these are just a few issues that must be addressed to properly evaluate a site's potential.

Concerns about resource depletion, environmental impacts of fossil fuels, and energy independence are driving development of clean, renewable sources to meet U.S. energy needs. Expert assessment can help you make the right investment of time and dollars. And following the decision to construct, Kimley-Horn's national network of local offices provides relationships that will facilitate DOT permitting, road use agreements, turbine layout plans, and public approval processes for use of county, state, or local land. Working directly with an owner/developer or as part of an EPC team, whether your project is "utility scale" or just one turbine, you can count on Kimley-Horn to understand and meet the demands and efficiencies required.

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