Water CIPP: What to Do When You're Between a Fence and a Hard Place

Paper by Constance Curtis (Kimley-Horn), Marty Paris (Kimley-Horn), and Anthony Parker (Dallas Water Utilities)

This paper is a summary of the design and construction of Dallas Water Utilities' (DWU) first water main cured-in place pipe (CIPP) installation. It details several lessons learned by Kimley-Horn and DWU including construction space requirements, fitting connections, service connections, and testing requirements.

The project was located in the south Dallas neighborhood of Kessler Park and included 1,500 linear feet of 6-inch water and 6-inch wastewater in need of replacement and/or rehabilitation. Upon initial investigation, Kimley-Horn found the water and wastewater mains to be located in an existing 10-foot easement along with a 6-inch gas main and overhead power lines behind the homes along the back lot lines with no alley for access. The existing easement also included multiple encroachments of fences, trees, garages, retaining walls and other structures.

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