Simulation-Based Pedestrian Analysis Along Houston LRT Corridors (East End and Downtown)

This paper addresses a study of pedestrian activity along Houston LRT Corridors (East End and Downtown). The simulation of pedestrian activity was accomplished by Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. using the Advanced Land-Transportation Performance Simulation (ALPS) software. The simulation model was created to represent the multimodal environment of two corridors where pedestrians, roadway traffic, LRT transit vehicles, and buses would all interact throughout a 24 hour day.

The studies analyzed pedestrian access to the LRT platforms in the medians on Harrisburg Blvd and in Downtown Houston, as well as an intermodal station at which transit patrons moved through pedestrian facilities to transfer between buses and the LRT platform. Case studies included an analysis of a normal day’s operations that focused on pedestrian flows, and the related impacts on traffic and transit facilities throughout the day.

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