Careers for Experienced Professionals

"I wish I had found Kimley-Horn years ago." We hear that a lot from newly hired experienced professionals in the industry. Our practice builder model allows you to build your own practice while still having access to firmwide resources so you can focus on what is most important to you: serving your clients.

In 1992, Kimley-Horn began to use the term "Practice Builder" to describe our best client servers, the men and women who exhibit leadership by winning and doing work, managing projects profitably, and mentoring the next generation.

Guided by their professional passion and entrepreneurial spirit, Practice Builders are the foundation of Kimley-Horn's success. The vision and direction of the firm stems from their cumulative leadership. Practical results of Practice Builders' decisions and leadership are seen in the firm's long-term vision, annual business plan, staff development, and financial performance.

As leaders of the firm, Practice Builders are encouraged to delegate responsibility to individuals and teams to provide for staff development and meet client needs. While holding other individuals accountable for assigned tasks both large and small, Practice Builders have the ultimate responsibility for performance of these tasks. They are accountable to their clients and to their partners within the firm. Teamwork is the cornerstone of our one profit center mentality, and it is equally important for Practice Builder success.

Our team focus and multi-disciplined approach requires collaboration with employees at all levels. We have a policy of "no lone rangers" because the best solutions for our clients often come from the combined ideas of the team rather than a single individual. This collaborative approach allows us to provide the innovative and practical solutions that Kimley-Horn is known for in the professional consulting world.

At Kimley-Horn you'll be challenged and you'll share in the financial success of the company. We are performance-based and results-oriented. We intend not just to meet our goals, but to exceed them.

Kimley-Horn is owned by practicing professionals of our firm and you'll have the opportunity for ownership. Approximately 15 percent of our employees are owners and no one person owns more than 6 percent of the company. This means that the power to make important decisions is shared by a large number of dedicated employees nationwide, not held tightly at the top in the hands of a few. This has powerful implications for the success of the firm and for the opportunities we provide to those who join us.

We have the resources of a national firm with the vitality of a small firm. In spite of our size, Kimley-Horn continues to think like a small firm. We're hungry for growth, but we take calculated risks. If you want to be more than a number, but still have vast resources at your command, you want to be part of Kimley-Horn.

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